FERA Takes Iceland

FERA Takes Iceland

From the ski slopes of Aspen to the streets of our home in Los Angeles. We've put our new winter collection up to the test to see if it could withstand skiing, travel, cold weather, winter activities and more.

There is something about jet-setting and road-tripping to a new destination. So this season we packed our bags to explore the waterfalls, architecture, beaches, and mountains of Iceland with influencers Ariel, Eric, and Han. 

Iceland is famous for its dramatic landscape with geysers, volcanoes, lava fields, and hot springs. It offers breath-taking views and has some of the most beautiful untouched places for hiking, exploring and adventuring. 

Ariel, Eric, and Han sported the Julia Parka, Shadow Parka and some of our ski pants while they explored. Below are some of the beautiful images they captured on their travels. 


Protect your FERA skiwear during the off season

Protect your FERA skiwear during the off season

Tips for caring for your FERA Jackets and pants:


Preparing your FERA jacket or pant for washing:  Empty all pockets and close all zippers, including the center zip.  Remove any detachable fur or faux-fur trim, belt, and lift tickets.  For spot stains, you may use a localized stain remover.


Machine washing your FERA garment: We recommend washing your ski garments separately from other items in order to avoid color transfer issues.  Use cold water and a small-to-moderate amount regular detergent, powder or liquid.  Select an extra rinse and spin cycle.  Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Drying your FERA garment: Dry your ski garments immediately and completely after washing. We recommend drying your ski garments separately from other items. Since some insulations and materials are heat-sensitive, select a medium temperature setting and an extra-long drying time or a second drying cycle to ensure the insulation of the garment dries thoroughly. If it is a down or puffy jacket, toss 1 or 2 tennis balls in the dryer to help “fluff” the jacket as it dries.


Final Touches: Re-attach any trim components and hang the garment on a coat hanger or folder over a pant hanger. This will help maintain the shape of the garment and keep it fresh and ready for next season!


    * Do not dry clean your FERA jackets or pants as this chemical process will damage the waterproof coating on the back of the fabric.



    Summer is here and we are jet-setting off to explore new places while the snow fall takes a break. From tropical vacations to more adventurous trips, our team has been busy so far and it's only just the start. See some of our summer travel fun below:

    Havasupai Falls

    A bucket list adventure for any backpacking and camping fan. Our social media manager visited this beautiful place and highly recommends it. This hike is over 20 miles round trip but worth it for the pristine blue waters and beautiful red rock formations. Reservations to the campground open up throughout the summer so be sure to check online and call so you can visit this oasis over the summer.


    Located in the PNW, Portland is suited for active outdoor folk. Run, kayak, hike, ski, drink, shop and eat; that's what our Graphic Designer did when she visited this city. If you are a fan of eating and drinking, you'll love it here. Some of the best eating spots can be found in this city including Salt and Straw, The Little Burger and Blue Star Donuts.


    If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, Hawaii is the place to go. Enjoy a drink poolside, head out to the clear waters to snorkel or go on a hike to a waterfall. There are so many things to do on all of the islands and it's state-side which makes travel easy. Our Marketing Manager recommends bringing bug spray if you plan to do hikes, there are lots of mosquitos.