FERA Takes Iceland

From the ski slopes of Aspen to the streets of our home in Los Angeles. We've put our new winter collection up to the test to see if it could withstand skiing, travel, cold weather, winter activities and more.

There is something about jet-setting and road-tripping to a new destination. So this season we packed our bags to explore the waterfalls, architecture, beaches, and mountains of Iceland with influencers Ariel, Eric, and Han. 

Iceland is famous for its dramatic landscape with geysers, volcanoes, lava fields, and hot springs. It offers breath-taking views and has some of the most beautiful untouched places for hiking, exploring and adventuring. 

Ariel, Eric, and Han sported the Julia Parka, Shadow Parka and some of our ski pants while they explored. Below are some of the beautiful images they captured on their travels. 


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