Protect your FERA skiwear during the off season

Tips for caring for your FERA Jackets and pants:


Preparing your FERA jacket or pant for washing:  Empty all pockets and close all zippers, including the center zip.  Remove any detachable fur or faux-fur trim, belt, and lift tickets.  For spot stains, you may use a localized stain remover.


Machine washing your FERA garment: We recommend washing your ski garments separately from other items in order to avoid color transfer issues.  Use cold water and a small-to-moderate amount regular detergent, powder or liquid.  Select an extra rinse and spin cycle.  Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Drying your FERA garment: Dry your ski garments immediately and completely after washing. We recommend drying your ski garments separately from other items. Since some insulations and materials are heat-sensitive, select a medium temperature setting and an extra-long drying time or a second drying cycle to ensure the insulation of the garment dries thoroughly. If it is a down or puffy jacket, toss 1 or 2 tennis balls in the dryer to help “fluff” the jacket as it dries.


Final Touches: Re-attach any trim components and hang the garment on a coat hanger or folder over a pant hanger. This will help maintain the shape of the garment and keep it fresh and ready for next season!


    * Do not dry clean your FERA jackets or pants as this chemical process will damage the waterproof coating on the back of the fabric.

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