From Seattle to the Majestic Cascades, the Pacific Northwest has views you can only dream about. If you decide to take in the views from the road, a kayak, campground  or a mountain top, the Pacific Northwest will not disappoint.  This summer is coming to an end and we wanted to make sure we enjoyed every moment of it. We followed influencer @kevinmonahanphoto as he explored the great mountains of the Pacific.

Along the way, we found 6 places you can't miss while your exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Cannon Beach, Oregon: Even though Oregon has many beach towns, this one is extra special. Cannon beach is home to the breathtaking rock formation, Haystack Rock. Haystack Rock is a 235 foot tall sea stack  on the beach about a mile south of downtown.
California's Red Wood Forest: On the 101 you can take a detour through the avenue of giants. Don't miss the 2,400 year old drive through tree. A perfect spot to snap a photo.
McMinnville, Oregon: A wine lovers dream! Known as Mac by the locals, this town is filled with tasting rooms that line the streets perfect for people watching while wearing your favorite Fera sweater.
Florence, Oregon: This historic old town has something for everyone. One can stroll for a meal, view the sea lion caves, go for a dune buggy ride, hike, camp or attend one of Florence's many festivals
Orcas Island: Bring your Fera jacket to catch a ride on the ferry to this beautiful island. While on the ferry, you may even catch a glimpse of dolphins, seals or even a pod of killer whales. While on the island actives include; Kayaking, bike riding, and taking a short hike to the islands summit. Keep your eyes peeled, as the island is home to several eagles that take flight around the islands peak.
Multanomah Falls: is a breathtaking water fall along the historic Columbia river highway. Make sure to stop and take the beautiful 1.2 mile hike to the top!

Don't forget your Fera pieces while on your adventure through the Pacific Northwest. Influencer @kevinmonahanphoto wore our men's FERA jacket while he was in the mountains.

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