Fall is in the air which means cool weather and pumpkin flavored everything. There are so many breathtaking places in the United States to take in the beauty of the season. Below is a list of our favorite spots to visit this fall season.

New York City: Central Park is one of the best places to experience the fall season! From the crisp cool autumn air and trees full of beautiful fall leaves, it will leave you in the best of fall moods. Don't forget to pack your Annabelle and Pablo sweaters. They are the perfect transition from day to night and the merino blend will keep you warm in the cool crisp city air.

The great smokey mountains: The great smokey mountains are breathtaking this time of year, and are the perfect place to visit if your longing for that relaxing getaway. A great place to stay is The Blackberry farm. It's a gorgeous 5 star hotel nestled in the foothills of the smokey mountains. Pack your favorite Fera sweater and the melrose jacket as great transitional pieces to wear during your stay.

Denver, Colorado: Fall leaves are everywhere in Denver and so is the beer. October is the month of beer, with three beer festivals in Denver. Pack your Violet and Chase sweaters for this trip! These Merino blend sweaters are a great fit for strolling around the city and pair well with a pretzel neckless.

Salt Lake City, Utah: If your planning to take a hike or a walk through the city, the maple colored trees will not disappoint. Bring your melrose jacket for this trip. Temperatures seem to drop around this time. Some years you are able to ski by Halloween!

Anchorage, Alaska: October is a beautiful time of year in Alaska. All of the leaves are starting to fall, animals are easier to spot and at night you can start to view the northern lights. The Hyla jacket is the perfect piece to pack for your Alaskan adventure. It's weatherproof sleeves and hood and perfect for any weather changes throughout your stay. Don't miss a ride on the Alaskan railroad. It is the best place to take in the beauty of the the maple colored trees.

Have fun exploring this fall and don't forget to pack your fall FERA pieces during your fall adventures.


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