With today being the first day of fall, we can not wait to start our fall travels! If your planning on seeing the the beautiful fall hills of Aspen, Colorado or the colorful maple trees of Vermont,  here are 5 must have fall travel essentials.

Five Fall travel essentials:

Annabelle Sweater: This merino sweater blend is perfect for your day on the town or your afternoon apple picking. As the evening approaches layer on your Hyla jacket to complete the look

Hyla Jacket: The Hyla Jacket, is the ideal hybrid coat. It has supple stretch fabric with quilted weatherproof sleeves and hood. This gives the jacket the perfect sporty approach to a winter coat. Layer on your Hyla jacket for your evening walk around town or morning stroll in the park.

Hunter Boots: Don't forget to grab your hunter boots. They are a perfect addition to your Fera outfit. If your taking your dog for a walk in Central Park or heading to the store your hunter boots will keep your feet dry during any unexpected drizzle.

Jessica Legging: The Jessica legging fits perfectly tucked into your hunter boots as you walk around town with your pumpkin spice latte. The Jessica Legging is the ideal  compliment to your Annabelle Sweater and can seamlessly transition from day to night

Herschel: The Herschel bag is the perfect addition to your Fera outfit. Not only is it a great accessory to match your Fera outfit it provides great storage for your Fera pieces while on your travels.

Enjoy your fall planning and don't forget to think of Fera this fall.


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